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(Attention! This game will drive you crazy.)

(You can spam space if you think you couldn't reach someplace)

DeathNever heard of it, probably you either! Just another lie or gossip from the news. Can somebody even believe this? 

So what, we won’t be able to freefall instead of elevators, hug with saws to itch our back or flare up the oven to get a tan? By the way, the thing that food factory workers did was disgusting!

 You don’t believe in the red fluid, do you? My grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grandfather says they all are tactical moves by the deep state. He says that they want to steal our Identity cards, so don’t forget to check yours to know who you are!


This game has been made for GAMEHIGHED Jam in 48 hours.

Please read the credits before playing the game if you are a streamer.

The video of gameplay is down below if you need it.

The story is down below if you want to read(Includes spoilers!).



 Arda KARAKÖZ - Sj

Game Design, Development, Coding, Level Design,

Güven GÜRÜNLÜ - Gwen

3D Design, Texture Design, Level Design

 Mustafa KILIÇ - Fausta

Sound Design, Game Design, Story Telling, Composer

Ali Ege ZABCI - Zyve

2D Textures, Illustration



Left Mouse Button - Left Hand Grab 

Right Mouse Button - Right Hand Grab

Mouse Movements - Hands And Look

Space - Jump

WASD - Movement

R - Restart


Story (Includes Spoilers)

In a world without death, people got infected by a virus that makes them mortals.

But they keep living like every time, doing deadly things for normal situations like shooting each other for fun.

In the end, they started dying one by one.

So in this game you are playing random people and do normal things for them, in the end ONLY YOU LIVE ONCE.


Instructions (Includes Spoilers)

Level 1: Just jump you have nothing to lose. 

Level 2: Press the buttons, one of them is near the door but the other one is on top of the cutting chamber, then use the saw to itch your back. Eheheheh!

Level 3: Use boxes to get higher (It's over Anakin, I have the high ground!) and then pull the string, this will open the lid so you can get a beautiful tan!



You can spam space if you are having a hard time while climbing on something.


Every asset in the game except some sounds, ambient effects and decal scripts are made by Remoob in two days. Some sound effects from "freesound.org", the ambient effect is from Madrooster Ambient Sci-Fi asset and the decal plugin for URP is from https://github.com/Anatta336/driven-decals.


The game doesn't support some resolutions.

Known Bugs

-- In the final level rope sometimes falls and triggers the door itself.


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For the people who stuck on level two: The second button is on the building. If you can't reach it, you can spam space and boost you from the edges(and don't forget to use the boxes).